because words matter !

Words have an underlying energetic tones which create energetic imprints on your bodies cellular chemistry . It’s all in your mind ! Haven’t we heard that so often ? Yet if that’s true , why is there so much chaos ? If all of us are capable of great communication then why is there a response with which we are taken aback once in a while ? What happens?Oh well ! You will say , lost in translation …!Yes , that’s true . My question is lost where ?Space between two people ?

Haven’t we seen…

Caliberate to evolve

A simplified practice grounded in neuroscience to caliberate effectively and gently to stretch your comfort zone and expand and eventually evolve and grow to the next version of yourself inside and out . When the inner game shifts , the outer game shifts too !

The main framework to focus on a daily basis is —

Cultivating conscious new habits in the same area where you want the shift . For example if I want to cultivate a more steady emotional base in my personality …. have more courage and self belief as a leader both in…

How to mentally train your mind to strongly pass through criticism , obstacles , negativity and naysayers …….

Emotional agility is like navigating through the maze of human emotions effortlessly .When we understand emotions for what they are ….energy set in motion depending on our perceptions and filters .This energy gets translated into thoughts and it gets transformed into actions . When the brain perceives that it won’t be able to get the task done because the person around him says NO , it creates an emotion of negative tone .If we look at emotions as data and not US…

Cross — roads / Prosperity mindset coaching — —

It’s a brain based decision making program ….. there are many decision making tools and techniques but this is one tool which works beautifully and its a lot of fun too !

When the human brain feels that it has less money or less food or less love , it gets hijacked into insecure scarcity mindset!! It’s that simple ! Using brain based communication and minfulness strategies we create a wealthy mindset which triggers insights in your brain …triggering positive set of neurotransmitters , the brain in that moment feels secure…

Change …..transitions in life ….pain to empowering possibilities !!

Change is painful , whether you are moving out of a toxic relationship or a toxic soul sucking job ! Wanting to move towards a relationship or a job or a business which brings out the best in you also means creating habits that allow empowering beliefs to playout in your communication style and still be true to your values .To take these steps and hardwire them in your brain requires the strength and accountability of a brain coach who will push you gently and hold you accountable so that your…

Brain nutrition and wellness —

Functional and integrative medicine have long espoused the power of Nutrition towards your well being . Just as when you go to the Gym to excercise your body ….to accomplish faster results you team up this effort with a nutrition program .Using similar information ,brain based nutrition empowers you with a strong process to harness positive emotions and trigger feel good neurohormones ! Food which target specific areas of your brain cells and make your brain function more sharply , foods that create an oxytocin and dopamine cascade into your blood stream thereby removing negative symtoms of depression , creating emotional strength to achieve positive , empowering results in your personal and professional life. Try it … it has shifted my life so beautifully , my life has become more empowered and focused inspite of the chaos in the world .

Peak performance brain habits —

In today’s digitally distracted world ,creating a calm and focused approach towards a cognitive ,creative and innovative task has become even more important .Embracing the digital culture and using the understanding of the human brain functioning has become more criticial and essential part of our lives . I have created a short neuroscience based minfulness tool which I have practised for the past four years and it has elevated my Focus in an exponential level ! I call it The 5 senses loop technique ,a science based integrated technique which creates laser sharp focus towards…

Envision life program — A two day group coaching workshop that I conduct where we work out interesting brain based tools and strategies to design a life around your dreams and goals!

The human brain is an imagination machine ! When it feels a certain level of physiological and psychological safety it becomes creative and can envision a powerful and exciting future goal .A lot of Neuroscience of emotions come into play and harnessing the power of each neurochemical can become an exciting exercise . Making a vision board with pictures and powerful words and quotes for yourself in key…

Self empowerment

Human relationships are like living ecosystems, vibrant, dynamic and with an element of pull and push, give and take.This dance of known and unknown element, emotions and feelings give the element of mystery and excitement that it so richly deserves .This human connection in life makes living a more adventurous , joyful and exciting journey .Its like different interesting characters who dance and trapeze in and out of this ballet called Life , each playing their part and weaving a rich trapestry of emotions into the fabric of life. …

Smita Paranjape

Leadership Coach , Cell biologist, writer . I write at the intersection of Human Biology , Communication, Focus and Clarity to achieve thriving results .

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